Culture, Faith (Beliefs)

The focus of the Culture, Faith or Beliefs workstream is the safeguarding of children and young people, including, though not limited to those impacted by mental health, language, domestic abuse, disabilities, exploitation and trafficking, in addition to safeguarding priorities affecting BME and migrant communities such as FGM, witchcraft or spirit possession, and radicalism.

Culture, Faith (Beliefs) Report 2019 Click here to view
Culture, Faith (Beliefs) Report 2018 Click here to view
Culture, Faith (Beliefs) Report 2017 Click here to view

Useful Resources

Safeguarding Children who are Exposed to Abuse Linked to Faith or Belief – Article by Lisa Oakley, Kathryn Kinmond, Justin Humphreys, Mor Dioum (2019) – Published by Child Abuse Review Click here to view

Protecting children from faith-based abuse through accusations of witchcraft and spirit possession; understanding contexts and informing practice. Abstract by Professor Stephen Briggs and Andrew Whittaker [First published in British Journal of Social Work, January 2018) Click here to view

An exploration of knowledge about child abuse linked to faith or belief – a research study by Lisa Oakley, Kathy Kinmond, Mor Dioum and Justin Humphreys (2016) Click here to view

My Languages Matter: the multilingual outlook for children in care – A White Paper by Beverley Costa, Mor Dioum and Stephanie Yorath (2015). Click here to view

The W-Word: witchcraft labelling and child safeguarding in social work practice – by Dr Prospera Tedam
Click here to view presentation
An investigation of the abuse of children and young people arising from the practice of faith-based beliefs relating to witchcraft or spirit possession in the UK – by Laura Hamblin-Opaluwa
Click here to view presentation

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