Securitisation / Radicalisation (Prevent)

The focus of this workstream is on expanding existing networks of academics from a range of disciplines and practitioners involved in work around radicalisation and extremism. 

Securitisation/Radicalisation (Prevent) Report 2019 Click here to view
Radicalisation (Prevent) Report 2018 Click here to view

Useful Resources

Dr Leona Vaughn, Sociologist and Derby Research Fellow, University of Liverpool; ‘Doing Risk’ – Safeguarding Children from Radicalisation (April 2021) Click here for presentation

Dr Tarek Younis, Lecturer, Middlesex University; Prevent, Radicalisation and Colour-Blindness: Racism and Psychology in 21st Century Practice. (2020) Click here for presentation

A book chapter is in press: Finch, J. and McKendrick, D. Securitising Social Work: Counter Terrorism, Extremism and Radicalisation in Webb, S. (ed) Routledge Handbook of Critical Social Work, Routledge, London)

Publication of McKendrick, D. and Finch, J. (2017) Downpressor man: securitsation, safeguarding and social work, Critical and Radical Social Work,

Current submitted article in review: (McKendrick, D. and Finch, J. PREVENT, Safeguarding and the Common-Sensing of Social Work in the UK, Critical and Radical Social Work

Section on radicalisation in a new book (SHARE: A New Model for Social Work, By Maclean, S., Finch, J. and Tedam, P, 2018, Kirwin Maclean Associates, Litchfield) o

Panel member at Community Care Live: Jo Finch, PREVENT and Social Work:Challenges, contradictions and concerns, Community Care Live, (27th September 2017)

The article McKendrick, D. and Finch, J. (2016) “Under Heavy Manners: Social Work, Radicalisation, Troubled Families and Non-linear War, British Journal of Social Work. 47 (2): 308-324) now has growing citations from across disciplines (currently 14).

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