Securitisation / Radicalisation (Prevent)

The focus of this workstream is on expanding existing networks of academics from a range of disciplines and practitioners involved in work around radicalisation and extremism. 

Securitisation/Radicalisation (Prevent) Report 2019 Click here to view
Radicalisation (Prevent) Report 2018 Click here to view

Useful Resources

The Peoples Review of Prevent. Report by Professor John Holmwood and Dr Layla Aitlhadj Click here to access report

Dr Leona Vaughn, Sociologist and Derby Research Fellow, University of Liverpool; ‘Doing Risk’ – Safeguarding Children from Radicalisation (April 2021) Click here for presentation

Dr Tarek Younis, Lecturer, Middlesex University; Prevent, Radicalisation and Colour-Blindness: Racism and Psychology in 21st Century Practice. (2020) Click here for presentation

A book chapter is in press: Finch, J. and McKendrick, D. Securitising Social Work: Counter Terrorism, Extremism and Radicalisation in Webb, S. (ed) Routledge Handbook of Critical Social Work, Routledge, London)

Publication of McKendrick, D. and Finch, J. (2017) Downpressor man: securitsation, safeguarding and social work, Critical and Radical Social Work,

Current submitted article in review: (McKendrick, D. and Finch, J. PREVENT, Safeguarding and the Common-Sensing of Social Work in the UK, Critical and Radical Social Work

Section on radicalisation in a new book (SHARE: A New Model for Social Work, By Maclean, S., Finch, J. and Tedam, P, 2018, Kirwin Maclean Associates, Litchfield) o

Panel member at Community Care Live: Jo Finch, PREVENT and Social Work:Challenges, contradictions and concerns, Community Care Live, (27th September 2017)

The article McKendrick, D. and Finch, J. (2016) “Under Heavy Manners: Social Work, Radicalisation, Troubled Families and Non-linear War, British Journal of Social Work. 47 (2): 308-324) now has growing citations from across disciplines (currently 14).

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