B-MAG Annual Report 2020 (Summary) The aim of B-MAG is to promote and enhance the care and protection of BME and Migrant children, young people and families. Our work is often concentrated on the local level and, as such, it involves articulation of individual practitioner experiences, located in specific places, and professional contexts. This emphasis on the local and particular is framed by the larger National and international picture; in 2020. COVID-19 disproportionately affected BME communities; reflected in the highest rates of death and severe illness. The impacts of the pandemic, direct and indirect, dominated everything, including how work was undertaken on a daily basis. Click here to view summary report

B-MAG Annual Report 2019
Whilst during 2019 the crisis facing people in migration continued across the world, perhaps with less media attention than in the immediately preceding years, in the UK the issues of bordering, belonging and the conflict between inclusive and excluding paradigms were totally unavoidable. Brexit had become the headline and text, a theatre for the playing out of competing views of the aspirations for society; the maxim of ‘taking back control’ seeking to turn back the development of globalisation and internationalism, open borders, free movement of people and trade. Click here to view full report

B-MAG Annual Report 2018
When launching the BME-Migrant Advisory Group (B-MAG) in January 2017 we identified the effects of negative narratives about migration as a key factor that needed to be challenged. This is a difficult task in a year when the ‘hostile environment’, the Windrush scandal, and the Channel migrant crossings, alongside the divisiveness of the Brexit debates. Both in the UK and internationally, the climate suggests a persistent – indeed growing – crisis about how to overcome fear and hatred in relating to others, and across differences; recognising therefore our common humanity. Click here to view report

B-MAG Annual Report 2017
The first annual report of the BME-Migrant Advisory Group; Safeguarding Children and Young People (B-MAG) describes how the Group was set up, its aims and objectives, how it works and the work that has been undertaken during this first year. We also describe how we see the work of the group progressing during 2018. Click here to view report

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